Film & TV Courses offered by MONttAGE

Training Courses Overview

We presently offer certificate courses in Film and Television Production, On-Screen Acting as well as various short workshop courses.

All courses are designed to provide immersion training using Experimental & Accelerated learning techniques in order to provide the skills that enhance the student’s potential talents. They need this to gain employment in today’s demanding industry.

The diverse range of industry skills covered by our courses reflects the growing complexity of the media industry which is at the cutting edge of new technology developments. To achieve our stated aims all courses are designed to teach the theoretical aspects in conjunction with a wide range of practical exercises using professional training equipment and work practises. Experience has shown that this is the most reliable and rewarding method of training students in the essential film. New existing concepts are no longer distant dreams. They’re a reality that is revolutionising the world we live in and you can be part of that world.



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