Advantages of studying at MONttAGE Film & Television Academy:

  • At MONttAGE Film & Television Academy we believe in “Learning Through Action”, so right from the FIRST WEEK itself our students get a chance to be on the shooting set and gain first hand experience of a shoot in progress.
  • Upon completion of the Basic Course, each Batch will be given a project of making a SHORT FILM which will give students a first hand experience of all the stages of filmmaking like Scripting, Pre-production, Production, Post-production and exhibition. These films will be produced by MONttAGE Film & Television Academy and will be promoted at all the major Student Film festivals.
  • MONttAGE Film & Television Academy will also organize a stage play for its acting students and will invite all the top professionals from the industry to see & evaluate the work of its students.
  • MONttAGE Film & Television Academy helps it’s students to enroll in the respective film associations like Film & Television Director’s Association, Film & Television Writer’s Association etc. so that after completing their courses they can immediately work professionally in their respective fields.

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