We just not only say ‘we are different’,we religiously work towards it. At MONttAGE Film & Television Academy we believe in promoting our students in the film and television industry. Depending upon the merit of the respective student, the management tries its best for their placement. With this aim we pledge a professional commitment to our students, where we nurture them and put them in practical environment by making Short films for them, which will enhance their skills and they can learn more about the art of film making.

Short films Production

This is a unique way to promote our students, where the selected students will get an opportunity to learn and prove their talent. These films will be sent to various film festivals, not only just in India, but globally. All our short films will be produced under the banner ‘Monttage Films’

How it works

We will select a script submitted by the students of scriptwriting batch. The script will then be made into a film, where the selected students will work on the various technical aspects of film making. Thus the films will provide exposure to actors, scriptwriters, directors, cinematographers, editors and associated talents.

Theatre Production

Monttage Theatre, a division of the Monttage Academy, will be producing plays, which will be showcased at various commercial art hubs, and thus will be contributing towards performing arts. Again, we will expose the students of our academy through this wonderful medium.

So, MONttAGE Film & Television Academy is not just an academy, it is also a Production hub.

Not only just the above mentioned, we believe in promoting our students in the film and television industry. For this we are tying up with various production houses and casting agencies and individuals to promote our students.

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